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Sara is a full-time mama, wife, homemaker, doula, Theatre Tech and adjunct, who spends her little free time blogging for other mamas.

I grew up in an amazing loving family a few states from the rest of our extended family who are all VERY close.  I feel very blessed to have been raised in such an amazing family with parents who somehow gave my brother and I a great sense of independence, common sense and love of God and family.

After studying History, Women's Studies and Theatre, I eventually Graduated in 2004 with a BA in Theatre Arts.  The summer before my last year, months after coming back from a year in England, I met the man I would marry in a little more than a year.

A few months after having our first surprise blessing, our little girl, I began working at a Christian University doing a WIDE range of theatre related projects.  It was quite nice to use my degree after jobs at Hot-Dog-on-a-Stick, Starbucks, an English Pub and fulfilling role at an Art, Calligraphy, Wedding Invitation and Announcement Studio.  Working at the Theatre at a Christian university has allowed me a good amount of flexibility to pursue other things.  Like family!

Between our first and second babies I started training to be a doula and began my "online" presence.  A Christian Doula began to advertise and provide resources for pregnant and new moms.  I started Your Thriving Family in July of 2010, but didn't really know what I was doing and life got a little complicated.  Soon after I started up a bit again at the beginning of 2011 I had a miscarriage.  Writing, amongst other things, helped me heal and I started looking at publishing a book - of course those roads lead to something bigger than we were able to do at the time.

In October 2011, I launched Holding Our Hope, Faith through Loss, My Journey through Miscarriage.  Starting the blogging process all over again ingnite a new fervor.  All three of these endevors are definitely a ministry for me, put heavily on my heart.  I pray that it touches you, improves the quality and joy in your life.
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The Nutter Tree is the new re-branded Your Thriving Family - family, healthy foods, natural living, homesteading in the city, frugality and stewardship, living intentionally and has a Christian worldview. We have renamed and shifted focus slightly for the opening of a new store featuring handmade products and natural living personal care items.

Sara is a mama to three precious gifts and wife to a man who lovingly calls her “his nutter.” She started pushing her family into real food a few months after she started blogging. They will forever be on the road to real food and natural health.  Balancing art and logic in her daily life and work,  God’s balance of creation and healing is quite clear to her. She loves creating, experimenting, and learning. Whether it be food, health or crafting. She is navigating her family through healthy frugality and creativity.