My Hope for You

As A Christian Doula, up to now I have been focused on helping women through birth. After my miscarriage the mourning and healing brought much to light. Even while in the ER, I was thinking how much I just really want to serve and help take care of people.

My continued healing has come through prayer, writing for myself and explaining to our daughter why this happened. My miscarriage story contains scripture and how I choose to praise God. This has built and changed my faith in God. I am also working on, "Faith, Life & Eternity", for children explaining God's love for us, why there is sin in the world and how that plays out on here on earth.
Heavy on my heart is a prayer that this helps others come through loss having a greater faith in God, rather than bitterness towards Him.
This is the story of our family's journey.
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Sara is a mama to three precious gifts and wife to a man who lovingly calls her “his nutter.” She started pushing her family into real food a few months after she started blogging. They will forever be on the road to real food and natural health.  Balancing art and logic in her daily life and work,  God’s balance of creation and healing is quite clear to her. She loves creating, experimenting, and learning. Whether it be food, health or crafting. She is navigating her family through healthy frugality and creativity.